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Whether a recreational, school or professional
athlete, your feet undergo extreme pressure
loading. The AcuStep DPROOrthotic System
is designed to distribute peak pressures across
your foot to alleviate pain, create balance,
enhance performance, minimize the risk of
injury and improve post-injury recovery.

And, it’s applicable for foot impact sports
including baseball, basketball, biking,
football, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball, running
or walking.

Absence of pain does not indicate absence of harmful peak
pressures and potential for future injury. The AcuStep DPRO
Orthotic System measures, analyzes and identifies
potential problem areas.

Professional, trained service coupled with advanced technology provide athletes with
a complete, quality experience extending on to complimentary after-purchase testing
to confirm your orthotic is effectively managing your peak pressures.

Athletic footwear available, too. Check out our in-stock selections as well as
custom-order availability. The footwear selection is the very best available and to
satisfy the requirement for support and room for a DPRO orthotic if needed based on
in-shoe Gait Force Analysis.

Contact AcuStep at 785-826-2500 or come by the center at 2775 Arnold Ave. Ste. A in
Salina, KS (by the airport).

AcuStep. Your First Step To Comfort.

2775 Arnold Ave. Ste. A
(located by the Airport)
Salina, KS 67401

Open Monday - Friday
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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